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 Hi Caddy and SimCeleste

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Preparando Coeficientes de Travessuras
Preparando Coeficientes de Travessuras

Feminino Sagitário Tigre Mensagens/Posts : 26
Inscrito desde : 16/04/2009

MensagemAssunto: Hi Caddy and SimCeleste   Ter Nov 15, 2011 1:43 am

Hi Caddy and SimCeleste.
Drop by to say I found Caddy on Facebook (Sorry it took me so long I just went through my likes on Oopsie's Sims Facebook page and saw it) not sure how often you two go on Facebook but I sent a friend request. DL,Meshy,SamLee, Trl and Deb (who now is in boot camp will be back at Thanksgiving) are all there. I know Meshy read my message at Facebook and was happy about it. I know Trl-Tina will be happy and Deb when she gets home. I did get both of your message over at my site. I haven't made any new Sims lately trying to hold out for a new computer mine is getting old and I hate to push it loading all my downloads.

I sent a message too and my profile picture is Alcide from True Blood. Tina-trl has a little fan group on Facebook and I'm an admin there so we have a character from the show as our profile picture. Alcide's mine since Joe Manganello(the actor who plays Alcide) is from Pittsburgh I kinda got stuck with him LOL!! Right! (I told the other admins he's mine) SimCeleste will understand. So don't go my picture on who it is.
Anyway hope to see you guys over there.

oopsie iu-hu
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Feminino Escorpião Cobra Mensagens/Posts : 1972
Inscrito desde : 12/09/2008
Localização : Campinas - SP
Humor : vamos indo

MensagemAssunto: Re: Hi Caddy and SimCeleste   Ter Nov 15, 2011 10:50 pm

Oh! Hello Oopsie! adorei
I'm very happy to see you again!!!

I don't show up at Facebook for a while, because I'm on an ordeal with my computer this entire year long! que raiva First it broke, then the new one is no good yet, it's coming and going back to the shoppe every week for at least two months socorro Now Caddy volunteered to test it for me because I was about to smash it on wall! que raiva Let's hope it works well this time!

I'll stop by at Facebook.
Good choice, BTW, Alcide is gorgeous!

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Hi Caddy and SimCeleste
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